Selfie Talk

I was born in Dallas, Texas. In the same neighborhood at Stevie Ray and Jimmy Vaughan. I have always had a love for all things creative. I started writing poetry in grade school. I needed to express myself in a "safe" way.  I began to illustrate my poems and writings as well, and thrived in art and music classes. I started violin lessons in elementary school, then viola and then moved on to cello. I began piano lessons in the second grade as well. That ended the cello classes. I fell in love with piano initially, then guitar became my first choice. I taught myself to play an instrument because I love to sing. Singing sets my heart free. I fell in love with The Beatles when I was 5 years old. I would never be the same. Music became such an important part of my well being. It was my therapy throughout my life. It still is to this day.  Music as well as many different forms of creative expression has been a great friend and healing tool. I have posted some of my writings HERE

My mom bought me a piano in second grade and my first guitar when I was in 7th grade. I taught myself guitar. I have always played by ear. It got me in a lot of trouble early on. My piano teacher finally gave up on me and told my mom she was wasting her time, that I would never learn to read music. Thus ended my academic education musically. 

I spent over 18 years in Tulsa Oklahoma and did most of my music career there. I now call East Texas home. I have a nonprofit HeARTS Found, helping hurting people heal through creative expression. This organization is my HeART, seriously. I know we all have a story. We have all been hurt deeply. Art is a great catalyst for healing the broken. This is what HeARTS Found is all about. I am working to get back in to the studio and get to doing some serious new song writing as well and continue to do my art.




Sheri began writing “Stirrings From Inside”  in 2003. She felt an urging in her spirit to write an abstract artistic  version of her life up to that point.  It was to be a big catalyst in her healing process. She completed the first version of the book in  2007. Sheri created the illustrations for her book, CD & calendar and began selling the trilogy at her shows.  All of her "Stirrings" books have been sold, but we are gearing up for a second printing! Excited! 

A new book from Sheri, entitled "A Drop of Water", is in the works.

Be on the lookout for the Cookbook collaboration with  Chef Jackson York, CEC, ACA



 Sheri began performing professionally at age  16. She was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, moved to Austin in the  late 70s, then to Tulsa Oklahoma in 1990.  Sheri performed at the Bergstrom Air Force Base NCO club alongside headliners such as, “Asleep at the Wheel” and “Cooter  Brown.” 

She's won awards for her original songs and has 3 songs listed in the Billboards Charts with honorable mention.

Sheri has performed on numerous television shows and was featured back-up vocals for numerous radio commercials. She has worked with some pretty talented folks and is honored to be a part of the Tulsa music scene for over 18 years.

 Sheri was invited as a special  guest of Jim Halsey at his induction to the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame and was also a special guest at the Tulsa Spot Awards. 

Sheri, along with her band "Instant Karma", performed for the “Tulsa Blues Festival” two  consecutive years, among other major functions. "Instant Karma" won first place  in the Tulsa’s Best Blues Band Contest. Sheri has opened for  Ian Moore at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Aaron Neville at the Riverparks  Amphitheater in Tulsa, as well as sang the duet “You’re The Reason God  Made Oklahoma” with David Frizzell. Sheri was also a featured artist on  the “Up Late with Ben Sumner”  show out of Tulsa, OK. 

She is back playing live right here is East Texas. Check out the Shows page for listings of where she will be performing.